Versus Market

Versus Market is one of the finest all-purpose markets online. There are few places with as much variety of goods and as simple to use as Versus Market. Versus Market also has the most effective phishing protection available, ensuring that you will never be sent to the wrong website by accident. If you’re frequently browsing sites with a broad range of products, Versus Market is a site you should check out.

Simply search for your favorite goods, add them to your shopping cart, and complete checkout when you’re done. Versus will provide you with a bill for the total amount of your purchase that you must pay in full to the crypto wallet they supply.


Alphabay was one of the first darknet marketplaces, but it was seized in 2017. DeSnake, the site’s administrator, has just relaunched it. While there is a debate as to whether this is the actual original Alphabay marketplace or a spin-off using the name, it’s irrelevant because the market is up and running and appears to function as normal.

Alphabay is a fantastic marketplace to look around and discover things you won’t find elsewhere. The operators of this service are long-standing members of the community and have prior experience running a service like this. If you’re looking for the best possible deal on the darknet, you should include Alphabay on your list of sites to check since they frequently have the greatest offers available. As usual, only use reputable links such as the onion link for AlphaBay in the upper right corner when visiting any darknet market.


DarkFox Market is one of the most popular markets on the darknet, where you can purchase anything. You’ll discover typical drugs alongside a wide range of other goods, such as credit card data, personal ID scans, fake items, gems and gold, software, carded products, and much more.

All of your purchases are secure, because DarkFox Market supports multisig and normal escrow. That implies the seller has a restricted period to deliver the order and mark it as delivered in the system if you buy anything.

Archetyp Market

Archetyp Market is a new market, established just in Europe and focused exclusively on medications. You’ll find everything from narcotics to marijuana, as well as other substances. When it comes to drug-specific markets, Archetyp offers one of the most extensive product ranges and sophisticated search capabilities that aren’t available on other sites.

Incognito Market

The Incognito market is particularly concerned with the sale of narcotics and other illegal items. Users should be aware that before obtaining vendor status, certain goods are prohibited on the market. The following products are not permitted on the market :gore, porn, weapons, toxic material, ammo, opiates.

Invictus Market

The site features several categories, including health and fitness, food & drink, pets & accessories, home & living, and technology. The main category is all-purpose market with a wide range of goods. However, besides selling a variety of recreational and prescription drugs, the site also has some unique listings that are difficult to locate anywhere else.

THClear Vendor Shop

THClear is a tiny vendor shop that specializes in Cannabis-related items and only ships within the United States. It doesn’t have a huge product range, but it’s regularly updated, so keep an eye on the site to see what new things are available. It is easy to search and browse through, and you won’t need to put up with captchas.

Go to the “My Account” page and sign in. Look for your desired item in the search bar, then click on it when you’ve found it. Go through your cart to see if anything is missing or incorrect, then complete an order using the shopping basket function when you’re ready. You can quickly check out and process an order simply by selecting a product from the drop-down menu and adding it to your cart. At this time, Bitcoin is the only supported currency.


MushMerica is a small US vendor that specializes in psychedelic mushrooms. The site sells Psilocybe Cubensis, also known as “Penis Envy,” which is up to 2x more potent than Golden Teacher. MushMerica only ships within the United States; overseas orders are not available. To the right of this article is an onion link for the vendor shop if it is active.

Mushmerica is a fantastic website for Americans seeking psychoactive mushrooms – this store offers fast shipping, and when we checked, there was never a problem with availability. So if you’re living in the United States and want some high-quality psychotropic mushrooms, Mushmerica is worth checking out. As usual, use only reputable links to visit any darknet vendor shop, such as the onion link for Mushmerica on the top right corner.


SmokersCo has its own vendor shop that will send you various Cannabis items. While this site is a vendor shop, it functions in the same way as typical darknet markets: Cannabis and hash are the two categories of products. The items in each category are subject to frequent change, so it’s a good idea to visit the site frequently.

An additional benefit of the SmokersCO vendor shop is that it gives reviews for all sales, which are available to anybody who visits them. These appear genuine, and they provide new customers with a quick summary of past purchasers’ experiences.

The Grass Company

The Grass Company is one of the few vendor shops that specializes in a certain type of product: as the name indicates, this product is primarily Cannabis, and The Grass Company’s vendor shop focuses on its trade.

On this page, you’ll find a link to the Onion from The Grass Company. It separates itself from other markets that provide additional items and medicines.

Psycellium Vendor Shop

Psycellium is an online store that specializes in psychedelic goods. It has a modest selection of products, but it does offer some reasonable pricing on LSD and MDMA substances.

To view the market, you don’t need to sign up for an account but you must do so before placing an order. However, as on the darknet generally, there is no requirement for an email address.


AngelPharm is a firm that specializes in medicines, but it also sells Viagra and other medications.

This store only sells sealed blister packs from renowned pharmacies, so you won’t receive any loose pills.

To browse the market, you don’t need to create an account. Visit the site and go through the various categories if you only want to take a look at their portfolio.