Popular Dark Web Markets in May 2022

Another month has passed in the darknet market industry, with yet another major darknet market shutting down its doors, this time it was CannaHome. The top darknet markets appear to be changing at a faster rate; new markets are getting their chance on the stage much sooner and more darknet markets are either exiting scamming like Dark0de Market. Others, like Cannazon, provided a brief heads-up to give people a chance to transfer their money.

We’ve added some new markets to our list, including ones that were on previous versions of the list, but we’ve also included certain markets that have been around for six months or more but only recently began to attract traffic from users and merchants after the previously mentioned markets closed.

In the midst of this tumultuous market, we recommend that you examine our top markets list in case you’re searching for additional darknet markets or one of the markets we’ll mention will exit scam in the near future.

We do not advocate the usage of any illegal drugs, and this piece is meant to be purely informative.

Versus Market

Versus Market has been operating for almost three years, and despite the fact that it has seen a significant increase in both users and vendors lately, it remains one of the most active darknet markets.

Versus supports BTC and XMR payments, and it currently has over 25,000 drug listings, making it the biggest darknet market presently.

The darknet market Versus Market is the only walletless darknet market on our list, with transactions made using a multi-signature payment system.


The developers of this site, which was launched in June 2017, have said that it has grown to 450,000 users and more than 28,500 product listings in only a few months.

On July 13, 2018, AlphaBay updated its operations to include direct payment, similar to Versus Market and other past top darknet markets. AlphaBay is a Monero-only darknet marketplace.

After the reintroduction of AlphaBay in August 2017, it has quickly risen to prominence owing to a slew of top darknet markets shutting down or scamming (starting with White House Market), so it’s safe to say that AlphaBay arrived at the right moment.

Incognito Market

The Incognito Market is a new darknet market with a modern look and simple registration procedure. Incognito is one of the most conservative, rule-heavy markets ever to exist on the darknet when it comes to product variety.

Incognito Market Link –http://incognito2sjotqmbkys7wivkpq7d4a4tkpweoiqefk7mpf7uvyfalad.onion

They’ve also completely prohibited the sale of anything to do with fraud or malware, and they’ve outright banned the sale of opiate drugs, including oxycodone, heroin, and any others in that class (as opposed to the typical fentanyl-only ban). In keeping with fair play, Incognito has implemented a random seed system to provide listings at random.

Make sure you’re using these markets safely if you choose to visit them out of curiosity. Here’s a guide to help you.