What You Can Find on the Dark Web

The dark web is a never-ending source of stories, myths, and urban legends — most of them belonging to the horror genre. Hitmen for hire, organ auctions, illegal porn, cannibal forums — it may seem that the dark web is something to avoid at all costs.


But how much of it is fact, and how much is pure fiction? While it’s hard to tell for sure, you’re not likely to stumble upon anything disturbing if you don’t actually look for it. On the other hand, here is what you might expect to find on the dark web.

Black Markets

If you spend any amount of time on the dark web at all, you’ll undoubtedly come across some dark web markets. Maybe there won’t be any human organs for sale, but you’ll find all sorts of other things — fake passports, weapons, and of course, drugs. You’ll see photos of items on sale, reviews by other customers — just like eBay, only the goods are less… legal.

Fraudulent and Dangerous Websites

The dark web is full of scams, fake websites, and malware. Usually, all it takes is one wrong click, and your computer could end up getting infected or hacked. To ensure a safe and painless experience, you need to have good antivirus software and a VPN. And of course, don’t click on suspicious links!


Unfortunately, you may come across some disturbing content, such as child pornography or animal abuse. So be extremely careful when exploring the dark web, and if you’re not sure you can handle it, stay away from it.

Anonymous Email Services and Forums

Anonymous communication is perhaps one of the best features of the dark web. You can fully express yourself without censorship and government interference, which is particularly important for citizens of authoritarian countries.


Anonymity also allows journalists and whistleblowers to find and leak sensitive information about companies and governments. Generally speaking, the dark web is an excellent tool for spreading your message.


That does have its downsides, though. While this anonymity can be used for good, it can just as easily be used for evil. Terrorists and criminals can also use these anonymous channels for communication and avoiding the authorities.


Hackers love the dark web — it gives them so many opportunities for carrying out their activities. One of those activities is creating botnets and using them to steal data and spread malware.


Botnets are networks of infected devices controlled by the hacker. Usually, the owners of the devices aren’t even aware of what’s happening — so your computer is in danger of meeting the same fate.

Cryptocurrency Websites

Obviously, you can’t pay for drugs on the dark web’s black market using your credit card. It’s simply too risky — the banks have access to your entire payment history. That’s why cryptocurrencies thrive on the dark web — not just Bitcoin, but also many other, lesser-known ones.

In Conclusion

The dark web wouldn’t be worthy of its name if we knew all of its secrets. Much of the content on there will remain hidden from you — and in many cases, it’s better that way. However, it is good to have some idea of what you might expect. That way, you’ll know how to avoid potential dangers.