5 Differences Between Dark Web Markets and Regular E-Commerce

A dark web market is, without getting into technicalities, an illegal market on the internet. Many might say that dark web markets are unregulated E-Commerce sites. People can buy illicit services and goods in a dark web marketplace while remaining anonymous under the dark web.

Of course, this is not possible on regular E-Commerce websites like Amazon, which are readily available on the surface web. Below, we have put together a set of five essential differences between the dark web markets and regular E-Commerce websites.

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Surface web, which includes regular E-Commerce websites, is accessible to every person who knows how to surf the internet or does so daily.

However, dark web markets are accessible only to those people who possess a particular skill set that helps them remain anonymous without leaving an online trail.


Transactions on the regular E-Commerce websites are facilitated by various payment merchants such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc. Moreover, with the dawn of technology, you can even pay through cryptocurrency.

Whereas purchasing goods or services on the dark web market entails paying through the only cryptocurrency as paying through this method ensures absolute anonymity. You can never be tracked.


You may already know this one – regular E-Commerce websites fall within the ambit of State jurisdictions and are regulated by different governments.

On the other hand, the dark web markets are not regulated by any government, as these markets can only be accessed if you have access to a particular software used for the proceeds.


Regular E-Commerce websites are encrypted but are subject to the legality of this encryption. This means that they can easily be decrypted if required. However, the dark web markets are encrypted so that it is impossible to break through the layer of the code.


E-Commerce websites will only provide you with the products that have received the government’s approval and are then allowed for selling in your country. In contrast, the scenario is quite different in the dark web market. Here’s some of the stuff you can find on the dark web.

Here, you will find illegal goods and services ranging from exploit kits, leaked credit card details to ads for hitmen services. On the dark web market, you will find plenty of services that involve criminal activity or illegal products.

Final Words

The surface web, including the commonly used E-Commerce websites, is just the tip of the iceberg. The hidden parts make up for the dark web markets.

You are likely to find many illegal goods and services on the dark web market as it is next to impossible to track anyone trading there. As a result, the dark web cannot be decrypted or regulated due to the multiple software layers that cover it.

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